Sew Your Own ScanNCut Cover with Free Pattern


ScanNCut Cover by Jess Crafts Free Pattern
A few years ago, I was trying to figure out to get a cover for my ScanNCut. Many sewists cover their machines when not in use to keep out dust and sunlight and I wanted to do the same for my ScanNCut. So after limited success at finding anything, particularly in a price range that suited me, I decided to make my own. I had sewn a sewing machine cover and figured the design would be much the same. I decided to make a little pattern and instructions so that you can make one as well. I also have a little video explaining the process.

ScanNCut Cover by Jess Crafts Free Pattern

My ScanNCut is an older CM350 and you may need to adjust the pattern to fit different models. If you have the same machine as me I\’ve done all the measuring for you. If you have a different machine I will try to explain my process so you can adapt it for your machine:

Basically I traced around the side of my machine to make the side panels and used a tape measure to figure out the length and width for the two other pieces. You will need one piece to cover the back. You can determine this size by measuring the length and height of the machine. To determine the front piece you will need to measure from the back highest point on the machine around the curve of the front to the bottom of the machine. You will need to add extra around the sides for seam allowance and hemming.

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