Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Card Makers

Here are the best stocking stuffers for the card maker, stamper, or paper crafter in your life. I picked items for which it is desirable to have multiples so that you won’t be getting something they already have and don’t need any more.

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Cardmaking supplies from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers
Printable List of Gift Guide for Card Makers

If you want a printable list to take to the store, have along side you as you fill your online cart, hand off to someone, or conveniently leave lying on the kitchen counter: I’ve got you covered. I created two versions of the list. One is a general list you can take to any craft store and the other one will help you pick it all up at my personal craft store of choice. You can click and save the picture or send it right to the printer. You can click the links in the post to be taken directly to the products or check out the bottom of the post for a complete shoppable list.

Adhesive Gift Guide for Card Makers

Paper crafters of all kinds need adhesive to stick all the pretty things to all the other pretty things. Here are some adhesives they would want in their stocking to keep them crafting all year long.

Adhesives from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

Liquid Glue: Many crafter use a variety of liquid glue in their crafting. I have found that one of the most popular liquid glues is Bearly Art glue and Artis glue is very similar so they are both great options

Doubled Sided Tape: This simple adhesive option comes in the form of tape runners, sheets and rolls. You can try to peek at their favorite one or just pick up an option from a tried and true brand like or ThermOWeb.

Foam Tape: When the project needs a little pop we reach for foam tape. You can get little squares or a big roll of it. The rolls might not technically fit in the stocking but will still be appreciated.

Low Tack Tape: Sometimes we need to tape something down just for a bit and then take it back up and low tack tape is perfect for this. I love Mint Tape but 3M Post It Note tape works and delicate surface painters tape works as well.

Paper Pad Gift Guide for Card Makers

Most card makers have oodles of paper, but are often happy to accept another pad. There are several small sizes available but the A2 paper pads I’m recommending are a great size for most stockings.

A2 Paper Pads from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

A2 Paper Pads: Pick a set of patterns you think they would like or go for a glitter or holographic pad that can add some shine to their projects.

Organizing Gift Guide for Card Makers

Stampers have a lot of stuff and can always use a few extra ways to keep it all corralled.

Cardmaking supplies from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

Zipper bags: Many people make these but I recommend high quality ones like these from We don’t want to lose all our stuff when a cheap bag breaks.

Trays: Your crafter needs to keep all their little bits in together when they are making. We can’t lose a tittle! (Ask them what a tittle is later). I love the Stack-N-Sort trays for this.

Embellishment Gift Guide for Card Makers

We’re going to need a sentiment and something pretty to go with patterned paper you picked up. From rub-on transfers to stickers, these items run out and more are always welcome.

Cardmaking supplies from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

Rub On Transfers: Your crafter might have a stash of these from 15 years ago but those probably aren’t very sticky anymore so treat them to some pretty new ones that are actually easy to use.

Stickers: Stickers with sentiments are incredibly handy and stickers with images are fun to use.

Enamel Dots: These little bits are a great finishing touch on cards.

Sentiment Strips: The next time you ask your crafter for a card 30 minutes before an event they will be happy to have these in their stash. You can just cut a sentiment off and add it to a card.

Craft Media Gift Guide for Card Makers

Crafters love to try something new and giving them a fun craft medium will let them do just that. Even if they already have a bottle, they will eventually run out and your gift will be the perfect back up.

Mixed media card making supplies from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

Texture Paste: This is one of those products that allow your crafter to make cards and have people think ‘How did they do that?’ Get them some Cloud Whip to make stand out cards.

Glitter Glue: Add dots of glitter or give your texture paste some extra shine with glitter Pops of Colors.

Distress Spray: Range and Tim Holtz have come out with several sprays to enhance craft projects. Gift a pack to your crafter and let them discover some new techniques.

Glitter Brushes: Control the shine by applying glitter exactly where you want it with glitter brush markers.

Mailing Supplies Gift Guide for Card Makers

Now it’s time to put those gorgeous creations in the mail!

Cardmaking supplies from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

Envelopes: Our works of art deserve a high quality envelope to protect them in transit. Plus we love color.

Washi Tape: It’s fun to add a bit of extra to the outside of an envelope and washi tape is a easy no fuss way to do that.

Wax Seals: If your crafter likes something a bit more adventurous and very fancy, they might want to add a wax seal to the outside of their envelope so you can get a starter kit here.

Postage Stamp: We’ll have no excuse not to mail them out!

Don’t Forget Gift Guide for Card Makers

Even if the stocking is stuffed, there’s always room for a gift certificate. Maybe you forgot something or it was out of stock or your crafter was extra good this year.

Gift card from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers

Also if you went shopping at there is usually a free gift with purchase you can add to your order. Just check the coupon page.

Finally feel free to pass along the name of my website because I will give them lots of ideas for actually using all the stuff that is bursting out of their craft space.

Save this list to Pinterest so you can find it the next time someone asks what to get you for you next gift giving occasion!

Cardmaking supplies from suggested as part of a gift guide for card makers