12×12 No Scrap Card Template #10 | St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Card for 12x12 No Scrap Card Template #10 by Jess Crafts

Hello crafty friend! Today I will share a 12×12 No Scrap Card template to help you make a set of quick and easy cards from patterned paper with no scraps. This is similar to the idea of a One Sheet Wonder. While many One Sheet Wonders try to get as many cards as possible out of each sheet, I am trying to limit mine to 6 cards so you can actually make a dent in your paper stash. (To the best of my knowledge, the One Sheet Wonder is a concept Stampin’ Up demonstrators have been using for years, so credit to them for the name and inspiration).

No Scrap Card Template #10 makes 6 of the exact same card. You will use cardstock to mat the patterned paper pieces which will create some cardstock scraps. Make ‘fake foam tape,’ cut sentiment dies, or create mats for your next card with these scraps. The template directs you how to cut your paper and the card sketch will show you how to assemble the cards. Of course, feel free to mix it up to your own liking. Today I used stamps to embellish my cards but you can use whatever you need to use up in your stash.

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12×12 Paper No Scrap Card Template #10 with measurements:
Cutting Template for 12x12 No Scrap Card Template #10 by Jess Crafts
Coordinating No Scrap Card sketch for Template #10:
Card Sketch for 12x12 No Scrap Card Template #10 by Jess Crafts
Click here to download the 12×12 No Scrap Card template and sketch as a PDF

Now it’s time for you to make your own no scrap cards! If you make and share cards with this template on Instagram be sure to tag me @jess.crafts so I can see your cute creations!

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Card for 12x12 No Scrap Card Template #10 by Jess Crafts

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4 thoughts on “12×12 No Scrap Card Template #10 | St. Patrick’s Day Cards”

  1. Kristina Mathey

    I have so much 12×12 paper. Thank you for the sketch ideas. I’m planning on getting through some stacks of paper with your paper templates. I don’t like stamping, I like letting the paper do the work. Thanks for your ideas and inspiration.

    1. Hi Kristina, Glad you are enjoying the templates. I definitely have a dual love of stamps and patterned paper but I hope my ideas are helpful to anyone who loves paper. There are so many cute printable images out there you definitely don’t need to color your own anymore.

  2. Hi Jess. Always always love your cards. Looks like you have file of jokes you add to cards, great Idwa.. do you just find jokes on internet and put in a word document? Thanks. Brenda in St Louis

    1. Hi Brenda, Thank you. Yes I find jokes online and add them to a document to make them easier to print.

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