29 Ways to Reduce Waste in Crafting

Paper crafting is not inherently a low waste hobby, but many of us are concerned with how we can reduce waste in our crafting because it’s better for the environment and also better for our wallet. We love collecting pretty things and making pretty things so we’re not giving that up. However there are a lot of small changes we can to have smaller impact on the environment without having to give up our love of all things cute and colorful.

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You can read through the list on this blog post or download a printable PDF list to keep handy as you try to implement these ideas.

Product Swaps to Reduce Waste in Crafting

Switching out products we use regularly for a less wasteful alternative can mean lowering our impact without sacrificing much. Here are some product switches we can make:

Recycled printer paper or cardstock

Cloth instead of disposable wipes

Card stock scraps instead of foam tape

Paper confetti instead of sequins

Biodegradable ink blenders

Biodegradable glitter

Examples of eco friendly products to reduce waste in crafting

Repurposing to Reduce Waste in Crafting

You can give new life to items headed for the garbage by reimagining their usefulness. Here’s a variety of items that still have a lot to give.

Cardboard from packaging instead of cardstock

Plastic packaging instead of acetate or vellum

Sturdy boxes/reused containers over new plastic storage

Reusing old calendar pages, greeting cards, wrapping paper, maps, etc instead of patterned paper (Click for a video example)

Save ribbon, twine, and other fiber from packaging

Examples of eco friendly repurposing to reduce waste in crafting

Products to Reduce Waste in Crafting

No Scrap Templates from JessCrafts.com/resources

Epson EcoTank printer

Printable clipart from places like Creative Fabrica

Digital stamps

Refillable supplies (including Copic markers/adhesive/inks)

Multiple use products (Copic refills also alcohol ink/Distress inks also watercolor)

Pencil extender

Sand eraser (fixes ink mistakes to save projects)

Examples of eco friendly products to reduce waste in crafting

Habits and Lifestyle Choices to Reduce Waste in Crafting

Keep products in original packaging instead of stamp pockets or other storage systems

Thrift or buy used 

Buy in bulk

Make your own card bases/envelopes (Click for a video tutorial showing you how)

Limit buying and reduce impulse shopping

Make the most of supplies (die cut from a cardstock mat, save leftover paint, or get multiple prints from ink)

Splitting with a friend

Recycle and compost as much as possible (plastic bags recyclable at store drop off, card stock is compostable)

Keep track of stash to avoid doubles (take pictures, make swatches)

Watch reviews before buying to make sure it’s a good fit

Examples of eco friendly choices to reduce waste in crafting

Enjoyed these tips? Get a printable PDF of these tips!

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