Scotch ATG DIY Decorative Cover Free Template

Scotch ATG DIY Decorative Cover Free Template by Jess Crafts
Hello crafty friends! Today I am sharing a free template to help you make a personalized insert for your Scotch ATG. I\’ve had a paper insert inside my ATG for years. The ATG came with an insert and I simply traced it on some pattern paper. After sharing an ATG Tips and Tricks video someone asked if I could make a template of mine for those who have disposed of the original, but would like to make a decorative one. I much prefer this insert to decorating the outside of my ATG as I don\’t have to worry about anything getting worn out and falling off over time. My original insert lasted 6+ years and was good as new. I only changed it to share this tutorial. 

If you would like a bit more guidance please check out the video:

If you use this template please feel free to share the results by leaving a comment or tagging me @jess.crafts on Instagram