Paper Busters for 6×6 Cards

I make Paper Busting Templates because I want to use my paper without creating a pile of challenging scraps to deal with in the future. These are similar to One Sheet Wonders. I hope these templates will help you to use your stash in a fun stress free way.

Here you can find templates using 6×6 paper to create 6×6 cards. Follow the link to see the sketch and card example for each template. Download a printable PDF that includes each template and sketch. At the bottom of the 6×6 templates, you can download PDFs of just the sketches batched together.

Important note: If you are using a mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad) you will need to press and hold the PDF link and you can choose to download the link as it will not open in the window.

6×6 Paper Busting Templates for 6×6 Cards